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Sex Isn't the Only Way to Have an Orgasm:
25 Ways to Lose Weight Through Pleasure
From Carole M. Lunde, MA Counseling, Unity Minister, author

Kristin is a gifted and insightful writer. She takes us over the difficult places with humor and great ideas. It is not like any weight loss book I have tried to read. Her book is great reading and completely engaging from beginning to end!

From Renée Suzanne, Love Coach

If you read this book and take its message to heart, you'll never need to go on another diet. This book can revolutionize your relationship with your body and help you view it with the love and compassion it deserves. I highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with her weight or body image. Our bodies deserve our full out adoration and gratitude and this book will show you how to make that happen. Get ready to love your body and your life!

From Aimee Scudder, RN

What will bring me the most pleasure? Savoring this book, and enjoying the playtime assignments in my journal. Dr. Heslop took me on a journey that led to the greatest love affair of my life!

From Katy Paul-Chowdhury, PhD, Founder of INKorporated Business Writing

In this era of harsh public judgments and increasingly punitive diet and exercise regimes, Dr. Heslop’s book offers a welcome dose of kindness, wisdom, and sanity. She helps readers use pleasure, self-love, and celebration to create beautiful relationships with our bodies—and coax our bodies into the shape and functioning we most desire.